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Catalytic Converter Replacement

Catalytic converter replacement is not very difficult, but it may require a trip to the mechanic anyways. It’s usually only held on by a few bolts, but the nuts will be extremely difficult to take off. If you have access to air tools, then you may be in luck. You should still apply liberal amounts of penetrene or some other lubricant to help loosen the bolts. The bolts are notorious for stripping the studs as they are removed so be careful and take your time.


Catalytic converter replacement equipment

Catalytic converter replacement may require the use of welding equipment in which case most people will have to take their car to a muffler or exhaust shop in order to install the new one. You will need to raise your car to be able to replace the catalytic converter. You will also need a O2 sensor wrench because if you do the job without one you are likely never to get the sensor back in correctly. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have new gaskets in case you can’t reuse or tear the original ones as you remove the original catalytic converter.


You should search for the make, model and year of your car along with catalytic converter replacement because almost certainly, someone has done it before and they will have posted tips and tricks on how to do it correctly and efficiently. Depending on how thorough the individual was, they may have included photographs and diagram to make your catalytic converter replacement go smooth and easy. Even though it will take an experienced mechanic only about 90 minutes is needed to do the actual catalytic converter replacement, you may want to set aside most of the day if this is your first time working on a catalytic converter.


Cheap Catalytic Converter Replacement Alternative

The alternative to doing it yourself, is to pick up a universal catalytic converter as they are cheap. Then have a muffler shop weld it into place for you. It may be cheaper than purchasing the manufacture recommended catalytic converter replacement part and installing it yourself. The universal one may also increase your car’s horsepower.


Catalytic Converter Replacement Results

The replacement catalytic converter should make your vehicle emissions normal again and will get rid of that annoying check engine light on the dashboard. But, the catalytic converter likely failed because of an additional problem such as leaking and burning oil or misfiring in your spark plugs. It may be in your best interest to have those things checked by your mechanic or your replacement catalytic converter may have a short lifespan.


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