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Catalytic Converter Prices

Catalytic converter prices range

Catalytic converter prices range greatly depending on the requirements of your car and the state that you live in. For example, in California catalytic converter prices can be very high because of the extreme emission standards. Dealers have to specially order the part for California which is why the catalytic converter prices are especially high there.  It’s, also, illegal to buy and install a used catalytic converter in California.  Since there’s no choice in CA but to buy a dealer made new cat, the catalytic converter prices will probably remain high for quite some time. Conversely, there are very cheap catalytic converter prices in Montana where emission laws are less strict.


Performance catalytic converter prices

Performance catalytic converter prices are higher than average because they allow your engine to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio in order to get better performance out of the engine. By allowing the air-to-fuel ration to be greater you will get far more horsepower out of you car and thus more excelleration. Not only that, but modern catalytic converters are often lighter that the older ones, allowing racers to shed a few extra pounds off of their car. Magnaflow makes high flow catalytic converters that are well known on the market. Some websites will have a discount catalytic converter catalog.


Reduced catalytic converter prices

The web has widely reduced catalytic converter prices othrough the use of auctions and discount services. If you need to replace your cat, it’s only natural that you would want to search for discount catalytic converter prices. Cheap catalytic converter prices can frequently be found on ebay or craigslist.  There are also many auto forums where people will sell their catalytic converters once they have decided to upgrade their exhaust systme.   It is not uncommon to find catalytic converter prices at a 50% discount.


Recently, catalytic converter prices have been rising because they utilize large amounts of not only platinum, but also rhodium and platinum. It’s those elements that make catalytic converter prices valuable to recycle. Their were reports that catalytic converters were being stolen in Michigan.  Reportedly, many people welded their catalytic converters to their cars.  It was easier than going through the trouble of getting a replacement catalytic converter.


Mazda catalytic converter prices high because they use a certain amount of nanotechnology to minimize the amount of precious metals used in the process. The equipment has substantially reduced the amount emissions as well as cut down on the raw material used in the process. If this technology becomes wide spread, we will see cheap cataltyic converter prices at some point in time in the future.


Your car will still function with a broken or burnt catalytic converter as long as it isn’t clogged to a point where it’s preventing the exhaust from leaving the engine. However, you may notice a funny sulfur smell which may tell you that it is time to replace your catalytic converter.


Catalytic converters are necessary

Catalytic converters are a necessary part of the exhaust system on your vehicle.  They substantially reduce the exhaust emissions and protects the environment which helps justfiy the catalytic converter prices. If you want more 

catalytic converter information